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Hội Bảo Tồn Nhạc Cổ Truyền Việt Nam is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation organized to promote unified, all volunteer, educational corporation dedicated to the continued growth and development of Vietnamese Traditional performance, appreciation, and education. Hội Bảo Tồn Nhạc Cổ Truyền Việt Nam sponsors events throughout the year....Hội Bảo Tồn Nhạc Cổ Truyền Việt Nam gives 100 percent of community donation profits to assure the continued growth and development of Vietnamese Traditional Performance, and community causes.  Hội Bảo Tồn Nhạc Cổ Truyền Việt Nam dedicated to helping those less fortunate in their communities and around the world. Activities have included helping the poor and needy across all national, racial and cultural boundaries.  Meetings are held during practicing at least twice monthly. One meeting may be devoted to Performing program and the other planning of projects.The required attendance of Performers and volunteering (either by phone meetings or at activities), type of program, formation of committees, etc., are all decisions finally taken by Hội Bảo Tồn Nhạc Cổ Truyền Việt Nam based on the broad recommendations of the Association.Hội Bảo Tồn Nhạc Cổ Truyền Việt Nam electing officers annually and work through the committees.All monies for Vietnamese Traditional Performance activity are raised by the efforts of the audiences and community through whatever legal fund-raising projects they may devise.Hội Bảo Tồn Nhạc Cổ Truyền Việt Nam began as the dream of a Vietnamese American Tina Le Major in Theatre Arts. She believed that Vietnamese Traditional Performance’s cultural value. The one of a Specialty that represent the Vietnam Country and it’s should expand their horizons from purely professional concerns to the betterment of their communities and the world at large. With Tina' own group supports. After contacting the volunteer performers, an organizational meeting was held on December 01, 2010, at Tina’s Resident in California. The non-profit organization took the name "Hội Bảo Tồn Nhạc Cổ Truyền Việt Nam" by Tina and Traditional Singer Thanh Dat and the first Vietnamese Traditional Performance was held in Orange County, California at The Performing Arts Center in January 2nd, 2011. A constitution, by-laws, objects and code of ethics were approved. The first Vietnamese Traditional Performances event “Gợi Nhớ Quê Hương” is having the greatest impact in the Community. Major international expansion continued as Hội Bảo Tồn Nhạc Cổ Truyền Việt Nam were established, particularly throughout California and global initiative to rid the world by creating www.huongsen.us web site, free download Vietnamese traditional Performing, education and mores coming soon.....

Tuyết Nga-Tina Le (Founder/President)

Ms. Le is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach.  In 1983, Ms. Le received her BA in Theatre Arts with a Minor in Dance.  Deciding to further her education, Ms. Le attended the Video Technical Institute and received her AA in 1984. While at CSULB, Ms. Le was the Leader of the Vietnamese Woman’s Club in 1981.  In 1978, Ms. Le was Co-Producer for the First Miss Vietnam Show at CSULB (Hoa Hau Ao Dai Long Beach).Ms. Le is the Founder of the Vietnamese Club at LAC-Long Beach City College.Ms. Le appeared in numerous commercials and advertisements in the early 1980s.  Since the mid 1980s, Ms. Le has devoted her time to her family and devoting time to her community and charities.In 2003, Ms. Le helped organize a Traditional Vietnamese Show for radio and theatre in order to help promote Vietnamese Cultural Values.Ms. Le is the Emcee and singer for Asian Mall (Phuoc Loc Tho) in Westminster, California and she is currently the founder of the Hoi Bao Ton Nhac Co Truyen Viet Nam’s Non-Profit Organization. Her goal is to protect the values of the Vietnamese Traditional Music and promote their Traditional Music Globally.

Bình Trang ̣(Vice President/2011-2012)


Bình Trang start singing since she was fourteen years old, she learned Traditional Vietnamese Music from Thầy Ba Cũa, Thầy Nguyễn Phương và Thầy Út Trong. She join the performance groups:  Hương Mùa Thu, Nhà Hát Trần Hửu Trang, Saigon Ba, Sông Hậu Miền Tây, Sông Trà miền Trung. She Came to US in 1990 continue singing and performing Vietnamese Traditional Music with many groups including Trần Đông Phương, Thái Dương, Đoàn Hoa Bất Diệt, Thúy Uyển, Tân Dạ Lý and Hương Sen. All her life she just wish to contributed her talent for the Vietnamese Traditional Music Performance. Now, she’s currently donated her time and experiences for Đoàn Nghệ Thuật Ca Cổ Hương Sen, và Hội Bảo Tồn Nhạc Cổ Truyền Việt Nam as a Vice-President of a non-profit organization that benefit and dedicated to the continued growth and development of Vietnamese Traditional performance.


Lê Chi (Secretary)

  Chi le, a native of Vietnam, came to this country with her family at the end of the war. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from California State University of Long Beach in 1992. Because Le spent a large part of her early years in t countryside of Vietnam, she grew to respect and love the natural beauty of the outdoors. Her father would take her on his many journeys up and down the central mountains and especially along the Mekong River, selling his many novels throughout their travels. She learned about light and contrast just by sitting next to her father as he drve his old Jeep or sailed the river. Now that Le has become an artist, her many types of brush and knife strokes are used to express her deep feelings about nature. She captures the elements of beauty on her canvases by using fresh and vivid colors. Her landscape and city paintings explode with brightness and buoyancy that reflects her multi-cultural existence. Le's cityscapes capture the mundane and off-center. And both urban and rural works display the charm of nature at rest and at motion from sunrise to sundown. According to Le, Life happens on the streets and roads, it must be recorded and Plein-air is my medium of choice".


Nghệ Sĩ Thành Đạt (Treasure/2011-2012)

Born in Viet Nam, Long Xuyen. Thanh Dat got influence from his father music Dan Kim when he was little boy. Came to Us 1992 continue in Vietnamese Traditional performing, most are for Charity works. His performing including: Characters Ong Minh in To Anh Nguyet, Ong Tu Soc Sai in So Do, Ong Sau Kho in Nua Doi Huong Phan, Ong Co in Tuyet Tinh Ca, Hoang Phu Thieu Hoa in Xu An Phi Giao, Tran Trung in To Hien Thanh Xu An, Ta Ton in Co Gai Do Long, Dong Son Thien Su in Duong Guom Nguyen Ba....Thanh Dat is still currently continue contribute his performing throughout  US. His wish is to  keep the Vietnamese Traditional Music lasting for ever in the Vietnamese Community and  expend the Vietnamese Culture to the world.


Kristoffer Phong (Reporter)

Phóng Viên và nhiếp ảnh gia của đoàn cải lương Hương Sen (Bio Coming Soon)


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